HAYSTACK 2016 Updated!

Jason Green - Form and Surface: Strategies, Tools and New Technologies
Session 5 August 14-26,2016

Tools and Materials to Bring:
Basic Ceramic Tool Kit (potter's rib, steel scraper, wood modeling tool, needle tool, ribbon tool,
loop tool, sponge, and any other clay tools you have)
Wire Cut Off Tool
Fettling Knife (or other knife good for cutting slabs)
Rubber Ribs
Metal Ribs, Regular and Serrated
Scoring Tool
Thin plastic drop cloth
Surform Plane/Shaver
Dust Masks or Respirator
Assorted Brushes for Slips/Glazing - Large and Small
Pallet Knife for mixing colorants with slips
Several Disposable 1” Chip Brushes
Exacto Knife and Utility Knife with Blades
Sharp Scissors
18 or 24” Flexible Stainless Ruler
Graph Paper Pad,Tracing Paper Pad and Sketchbook/Notebook
Regular Graphite Pencils and Erasers
Masking or Blue Painters Tape
16gb or larger USB Thumb Drive
Digital Camera

Any other tools/images/items that you feel are useful for the processes you normally use in the studio.
(Stamps, patterns, stencils, templates, sketches and drawings, etc...)

If you have a laptop computer (MAC or PC) bring it with you. There is some free software you will be able to install and use during the workshop.

A 2 Button Mouse with a Scroll Wheel makes it easier to navigate most CAD programs.

While you have a good internet connection
Please download and install the following software to your laptop before getting to Haystack:


123D Design

123D Make

123D Catch


IPhone/IPad Apps

Adobe Capture 

Please bring some digital images of your artwork to share.

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  1. rhino, 123d make and 123d catch loaded perfectly. 123d design and meshmixer having problems requiring things from outside of the program. Anyone else having this problem? what do i do?